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Multi-Row Formula Tool Issue


I am having Trouble getting this tool to work. I need Category A dragged down to Category B and Category B dragged down to Category C and so on. I have followed the step by step instructions on the community page and it is still not working Properly. I have attached the workflow for reference. This is the expression I am using: IIF(isnull([Category]),[Row-1:Category],[Category]). Can somebody please help me out with this?


Thank you,



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

We're unable to run the workflow because the input files were not included. To include these file, use Options > Export Workflow and attach the .yxzp file here. 


Without knowing what the contents look like, a general suggestion would be to use "isempty(" rather than "isnull(" because the isempty logic covers both null and empty string fields. 


Thank you!