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Multi Row Formula Dealing with Null Values - Grouped by Unique ID


Scenario: I need to take the most recent year and back fill termination dates for the prior years of data. See Example: 


Multi Row Formula.png


the 2017-03-27 term date needs to be filled in the Null Gap between the 2015-04-02 and 2017-03-27 term dates. Then the 2015-04-02 term date needs to be filled all the way down for the remaining Null gaps. I have tried using a multi row formula but can't seem to figure it out. 


all of the dates are grouped by the same unique ID and cascade down from 2017-2007 years. 



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @tomunger848


Try sorting your data first so that the termination date is the first record then multirow formula is easy.


You can also use the summarize tool and a join to achieve a similar answer



As there are lots of ways to skin a cat in Alteryx, thought would suggest an alternate.


Assuming the termination data you need is on the last record try:


The sample tool picks the last record for each unique id. Then join back to original and replace the termination date.