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Multi Row/Field Formula For Finding Largest Value Over A Specific Type

7 - Meteor

Howdy Community,


I'm looking for help with a multi something formula, or whatever works best, to identify the largest value for a specific pad.  Every pad has several wells and every well has several events.  Some events will be null.  The number of wells per pad, and events per well can change but I need to identify the largest value per pad regardless of those inconsistencies.  


I've attached an example dataset and shown a simple example below.  In the example below the "Large" category represents the output I'm looking for from a formula.  The other 4 columns are those that are available to me.   


Well 01Pad 1Event 17.5YES
Well 01Pad 1Event 2 NO
Well 01Pad 1Event 31NO
Well 02Pad 1Event 12NO
Well 02Pad 1Event 2 NO
Well 02Pad 1Event 31NO
Well 01Pad 2Event 16NO
Well 01Pad 2Event 23NO
Well 02Pad 2Event 1 NO
Well 02Pad 2Event 29YES
Well 02Pad 2Event 31NO


Any assistance would be much appreciated!



15 - Aurora

Hey @jlrouquette 


The summarize tool would be the tool here 🙂


Group by Pad, Max of Value, then you can rejoin this back to get your original data to get your "large" flag



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @jlrouquette 


Here's a solution:




- Find the Max value per pad using Summarize Tool

- Left Join this max value to the original dataset

- Use formula tool to apply "YES" or "NO" condition

- Organize your dataset again by sorting by a Record ID


At the end I validated the desired output and it matched.


WF attached.



Neil, that is exactly what I was thinking, you beat me to the punch!


Attached is the workflow 

11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

Hi @jlrouquette 

Couple of ways, you can do it in a multi-row formula like you say (of which there's many approaches within it you could take in the formula)


Or like @LordNeilLord says, you can use a summarise.

Both options included as examples here... 


Be mindful of whether you want the solution to name just the first instance of the largest number as "YES", or all of them (e.g. if you had several all with the value 33.5 in pad 1) - either option is doable; see attached workflow 



15 - Aurora



Simple minds think alike?