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Multi Field Iterative Macro


Morning All,


My brain isn't working today. I need to make an App wherein 10 departments get their base budget increased by X% and/or Y% every year.

The end amount of year 1 is the start amount of year 2. I could (and have) make 9 sets of formulae but I would rather make this smart. can anyone point me in the right direction? (I'm sure I've done this before but I'm really not braining well today)


DepartmentStart AmountX%Y%End Amount



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I think you'd be overcomplicating this if you went down the iterative macro route; this should be possible with a multi-field formula tool.


I've attached a working example for you.









This is great, I was basically doing this but was going wrong somewhere. I think its because the end amount is Start + (Start * X%) + (Start *Y%). I then need to calculate the difference etc. I was thinking of an iterative because this will be a forecasting/scenario App. Thanks for the help you're a proper legend!!!


Hi Ben,


You really helped me with a question earlier and I was wondering if you could help again.


I have to create an app to forecast budgets. I have 13 departments, across 4 years with 2 types of possible funding. This means I have 104 variables. I have created the numeric up downs for them and designed the interface but im struggling with a way to "plumb" it all in.  All variable need to be editable. Can you help?


GroupYear 1 Type AYear 1 Type BYear 2 Type AYear 2 Type BYear 3 Type AYear 3 Type BYear 4 Type AYear 4 Type B
Department 1-
Department 41.00-1.00-
Department 50.00-1.001.00-1.00-1.000.00-1.001.00
Department 71.00-
Department 8-
Department 10-1.00-
Department 110.00-1.00-1.00-
Department 121.001.00-1.000.00-1.00-
Department 131.00-


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I would do something like follows;


With each of your numeric updowns, on the confiugration pane, go to the 'Annotations' tab and name each one uniquely (with no spaces); something like DepartmentOneYearOneTypeA...




You can then reference this in a text input, or formula, using the syntax %Question.NAME%




You can also create placeholder values for these so when you are developing your workflow the placeholder values are passed in, this can be done on the workflow configuration pane...




Now when I run my workflow in developer mode, I don't get the 'text' that I have written in the text input, but instead the value given in the workflow configuration constants...




But when I run it as an app, I get my user values to pass in (Y)


Example shown in these images attached.