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Mulitple lookups

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Hi Alteryx community


I am hoping you can help me with something.....


Input is a very long list of invoice line descriptions (many thousands of rows), for each line I want to see a word in the lookup list is present in any of the input rows and, if it is, create a new column and add the look up word on the same row. Please note, only one of the words from the lookup will be present in a given line in column A of the input. I've got to a result by using a very long run of filter tools using 'contains' (the actual lookup list has over 50 rows). I'm sure there must be a much more efficient way of doing this by using a macro perhaps....? Thanks in advance!




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Hi @steback,


Please take a look at the Find & Replace tool in the Join tool palette. You can right-click on the tool itself and select "Open Example" to find out more about the tool and how it's configured. I believe this is the answer to your question.




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Thanks Angelos - I've looked at this and I believe it only works on a single find/replace/append. I want to take each word from the lookup list and then check this against all rows on the input list?

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Hi @steback ,

Find/Replace works great at finding a single word and appending that value, but to your point, it doesn't capture instances where more than one word is present in the string. Example: "Lots of words including Saturday and weekend" would only return either Saturday OR weekend, but not both. If you need it to reflect every instance of a found word then you can append the lookup list to your data and then filter. Example screenshots below and workflows attached!


Find/Replace Option:

kelsey_kincaid_1-1639686052814.png kelsey_kincaid_0-1639686041122.png


Append Option: