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Moving the CSV files in S3 buckets


Hi Alteryx Guru's

Did anyone  implemented a logic in moving of processed CSV files from Input folder to Done folder in the same S3 bucket ?. Do we have to use Macro or any other smart-way in Alteryx.


STEP 1 : Input Folder (DailyFile_20170505)                      Done Folder (Empty)

* Once the daily file is loaded in database via Alteryx (Last step is move the files to Done Folder)

STEP 2: Input Folder ( Empty)                                              Done Folder (DailyFile_20170505)




You should be able to accomplish this in Alteryx. You would need to do the following:


  • Install and set up Amazon's Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • In Alteryx, create and run a batch file that will move the daily file to the 'Done' folder using CLI commands.


There is a great three part series on the Community on batch files. I highly recommend you check it out. You can also check out this article, which deals with creating a batch file using CLI commands to read in a list of objects in a bucket. It should be fairly easy to modify it to move files instead.



Thanks, JEEVS!

Dan Chapman
Program Manager, Customer Support
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