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Moving rows into column for multiple files

I need some help preparing a directory of data that I’m importing. I’m importing multiple .xlsx files with the Wildcard XLSX Input tool and the I need the first 5 lines of each file made into their own columns. The thing I’m having trouble with is that I have a process that can do what I want it to do for one file, but it then applies the columns to every row in the output, when I need it to apply the correct webinar title and date to the respective webinar. The input tool I’m using is giving each files’ columns a resetting record ID starting at 0. I need these reports to be merged together.

Alteryx Certified Partner


Batch macro is the solution. For each iteration record id would get reset to 1. Attached batch macro developed on top of your workflow. Hope this helps!



Thank you for you help! Unfortunately I'm now getting this error when I try to run the folder into the directory. I'm not really sure what I should be putting into the input tool in the macro.

Alteryx Certified Partner


Looks like you have different columns every time. Open the macro, view->Interface designer and choose the second option and save the macro and rerun your workflow.



Hey it worked! For the most part, only one of the files seems to have failed but everything else did what I wanted it to.


Alteryx Certified Partner


Glad it worked! Make sure the file is not opened or password protected.