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Moving files from one folder to another




I'm trying to create a workflow that will move files from one folder to another. The issue is that I'm not entirely sure how the files will be named. The files are transferred from a client over a FTP and the naming convention changes monthly. I do know certain characteristics that each incoming file will have. Any thoughts?


Hi jakeg023,


You can use the "Directory" input tool to grab all the file paths, file names, etc. of a directory you want. You can then use the dynamic input tool to bring that data into Alteryx, and then output it using the same filename but you can specify different file paths and use the "Output" tool to do that. Use the "Take File/Table Name From Field" option in the "Output" tool to do this.


While you wouldn't necessarily be moving the files themselves, you would be moving the contents of the files to new files in the path you want. So close to what you want but not exactly.