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Moving Data in an excel Sheet

I am having a problem with the initial format of a report I'm inputting into my workflow. Data that I need is at the top of the sheet but I need to add that data to a column that applies to each row of the sheet. After I do that I also need to have the sheet be read as a table with the headings on row 7 as fields for data merging. Any Ideas?


Making some assumptions about your data here, and creating an example workflow that should do roughly what you want, although it might need some tweaks.



Let me know if you have any questions about the screenshot above and I will try to add more context.  I used a dummy file that this example doesn't work for, so I don't want to share the broken workflow I'm using :)

If you provide a small sample set (like whats in your Webinar image) I can upload it.

Here's the sample set of data I made the screenshot of.



Here's a copy of the workflow!  If you repoint the excel file to the correct file and leave everything else configured the same, it should work for you.

Thank you so much!