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Move up Field Titles

Hi everyone,


I am inputting an excel file to my workflow that displays the field titles starting from the 4th record. In Alteryx, the field titles become F1, F2, and so on. How can I have it so that the field titles on the 4th row of Excel are output as the field titles in Alteryx instead of F1, F2, etc... without having to do so in Excel? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Theres a couple of ways to do this. One of the options on the file import
is to define what line to start the input on.

Alternatively you can use a sample tool to skip 'n rows' to bring your
header onto the 1st data line, then you can use a dynamic rename using the
'take field headers from first row of data' option.


@BenMoss Thank you!