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Move the data in specific columns to top without any conditions




I am trying to get the above said output. No of rows may vary in input sheet. I used union tool to get the input data.

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@Sethu ,

How do you know which row (From Brand, Product, price set) aligns with which row (Brand, Rank, Rating set)?  If the records are simply aligned by position then I would join the datasets together instead of unioning and join by record position.  Need more information to understand how the datasets align.



Hi @Sethu 

You can do it this way (also attached) to get the expected output in your picture:




But completely agree with @Dynamomo  . It can be a bit of a dangerous game to start moving some cells up, as the end table may not align in the way you're expecting (e.g. Samsung and Nokia being one row, as per your example and this output)


You can do via a join on record position or even a transpose and cross tab; I've used a running total to 'define' what record ID each row should be for the output - but remember the logic here is to simply remove all NULL cells, shifting everything else up, no other 'rules' are being applied...


Hope that helps



I do not have any condition to align. Just wanted the columns 4. 5 & 6 to move up.

Let me ask this: Columns 1, 2 & 3 are from Table 1. columns 4, 5 & 6 from Table 2 respectively.

How to get the expected output(just the values from columns 4, 5 & 6 should be from row1 without any conditions)


@Sethu  in that example (different tables) you can just join by record position then:


as @Dynamomo suggests 



Thank you. But while joining if table 1 has 10 records and table 2 has 15 records output comes for 10 records only remaining 5 records from table 2 is not coming. any suggestions please?


It's just that they'd be falling out the right. You can just union them back in:



If you wanted to account for any instances of records falling out, you could connect all 3 join outputs to your union (e.g. if you're plugging in different files each time)


Thanks a lot @andyuttley @Dynamomo 


Hi Guys


I am unable to download this workflow can someone please help. is there a way to convert it to a lower version of alteryx


Hello @Zenani

You are able to change the version of the workflow by opening it in Notepad+ and adjusting the version date.

Please refer to this post for more information!


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