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Move some columns to rows

7 - Meteor

Apologies as I cannot quite figure out how to title this question. 


I have a data set where I need to duplicate some of the rows and carry over only some of the data in the columns.  In the picture below the top rows represents how the data is now.  The bottom rows is how I would like the data to look after modifying it. 


Also attaching the sample file if it helps.


I figured I might have to use some of the transform tools or the join tools, but haven't gotten the desired results.



17 - Castor
17 - Castor



Here's a little trick I use for cases like this: use a RecordID tool to assign a value to each row, convert that to a Double field, and add 0.5 to the records I want to stagger between. Check out the attached example to see this in action.



7 - Meteor

I think I figured it out.  All I had to do was step away from my desk for a moment.


Just had to split the flow, keep the fields I wanted from each then union them back together.