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Monetary Unit Sampling




I am hoping to gain some guidance on how to use create a workflow for monetary unit sampling. I am trying to sample values from only one column of data (includes some negatives which I'm assuming should be filtered out) and to have the following parameters:

Population Total:$         8,500,000
Sample Type:Monetary Unit Sample
Confidence Level:90.0%
Risk of Incorrect Acceptance:10.0%
Expected Error Rate:0.5%
Tolerable Error:5.0%
Ratio of Expected to Tolerable Error:                       0.10


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


Hi @Nageen!


Are you able to upload some (anonymized) sample data? And perhaps clarify your question? I'm not sure there enough details here to answer your question.


Hi @ddiesel!


Thank you for reaching out. I have attached sample data and a few workflows I found on Community. For the sample data, I believe only the "Total" column would be used when calculating a monetary unit sample. In monetary unit sampling, each dollar is considered a sampling unit. The criteria listed above are necessary in determining the monetary unit sample. I'm interested in using an Alteryx workflow to calculate the sample.


Please let me know if you'd like further clarification.


Thank you!!