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Monetary Unit Sampling Macro Outputting Nulls


I found a great macro in the Designer gallery for monetary unit sampling which has been an immense help in my sampling. However, I've noticed that the macro sometimes pulls in null values into the final sample selection, even though there are filters to eliminate null values within the workflow. For example, the attached workflow only returns about 3 or 4 valid samples of the 5 it is supposed to return. This has also happened with other data sets as well. Does anyone have any idea why this may be happening and how to fix this?


Thank you!


@MarqueeCrew any ideas? Thank you!


Hi there,


There are a couple things you need to do to fix this issue. Basically what is happening is that the population needs to be cleaned up a little before you run it through the macro. First off your file includes a total of the ending balances on line 2715 that is messing things up. In Alteryx I just added a filter eliminating any ending balance amounts that don't have an associated product number. Next I brought the the data down for the to summarize and calculate the sampling interval after the population has been filtered. See below. I think that should fix it. Let me know if it doesn't!





Hope that helps.




Thank you, @rmacvicar! Worked perfectly. I think just the total was throwing the macro off - I forgot to check for one as it had been a while since I used this macro. That must have been the problem in the other datasets as well. Thanks so much!!