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Modify file names at runtime!


I ran across this post in the Ideas board and wanted to provide a solution to this question/idea. Currently, there's no way to attach files to comments on the Ideas board, so I just created a new discussion here to spread the word and link to from the Idea page.


Ever wanted to modify the name of the file you're working with as part of the workflow that's processing it? Maybe you want to modify the name of some other file that you aren't even touching as part of a workflow to mark it in some way that's relevant to your process. It can be done relatively easily by employing the Run Command tool to generate and execute a command-line rename script at runtime.

I've attached a zipped example workflow that should open in Alteryx Designer v10.0 and above. (Please let me know if you have issues opening the workflow.) The attached example is one way to approach this issue and employs some heavy use of interface tools in a macro in order to abstract away the underlying complexity into a few choices in a macro config interface. There are some interesting patterns employed that might be useful for other applications as well.


Questions and comments welcome.