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Modify Twitter Connector in order to keep éèëàâ etc characters

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I've been using the Twitter Search Macro to get tweets and enable analysis. 

However, when dealing with french text, these contain many beautiful characters like éëêè etc. And the current output of the connector removes those characters. 


Does anyone had to modify/create an own version of the Macro to enable getting all the characters in the tweet? 

Could you help me find the tools that should be modified? 


(at this time I located tools 589 and 590 that (probably) impact this)


Thanks ! 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



I have not played to much with the twitter macro, but my first try would be to change all string fields to "V_WString" which to my experince handle special chars the best (we have æøå in danish). Let me know if you need further assistance and if it works.