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Model Comparison Tool Error


I am receiving the following error when using the Model Comparison Tool. I am currently sending a Random Forest Model to it, but I get the same error if I had another model to the comparison as well.





kbwissi - after much research and playing around and digging............for me, this happened to be (ugh, hate to say it) user error.  See if this might be the cause of it.....


What was happening is this.....


In the data set I used to build the model, some of the levels of the categorical  variables that were in the Evaluation data set were NOT in the Validation data set.  So when you use the Model Comparison Tool, it can't find some values in the Eval set that were in the Validation Set.


For example:


Variable "Business Type" in the Evaluation set has levels of "Pizza Shop, Auto Repair, Glass Cleaning".  But in the Validation set, the levels are "Pizza Shop, Auto Repair, Glass Cleaning, Car Wash".


When it goes to do the Model Comparison, it looks at all the levels and sees that it can't trace all the ones in the Validation set back to the Model itself, which was built using the Eval set.


I've built into my model builds a step where I check the Eval set categorical variables levels against the Validation set categorical variables levels.  If there are mismatches, then I force some observations in so all levels in the Eval and Validation sets are accounted for.