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Model Comparison Macro Download Issue


HI All, 


I have tried to download the Model Comparison Macro from the Predictive District in the Alteryx Gallery without success.  When I try to import it, I get a message that the workflow was created by a more recent version of Alteryx and may contain tools not present in this version.  However, my version is the most current version (11.7).  When I try to workaround by going to the R folder in the Alteryx download and typing install.packages("ROCR"), I get a message that the Alteryx file is not writable, and it basically errors out.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 






The macro was created in version 2018.1 (the version numbering changed with 11.8=2018.1). What you can do is open the model comparison yxmc with notepad or some text editor and change the version number in the XML to 11.7. This should allow you to use it.



Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

You say you have the current version, 11.7, but actually the latest version is 2018.2, are you able to download that or are you restricted to the version you are on now?




I am having the same error.  I tried this but when I opened the XML the files already said 11.7 in that area.  Any other steps I can take to install this tool?


Tip for Those still working on this. When I downloaded the model comparison tool there were two Alteryx Macro Files. Model Comparison and Confusion_Mat_Batch. If you are going in to change the version in the XML code this needs to be done to both Macro Files to prevent the error in the attached screenshot. 

Good Luck!