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Mode Appears twice in Summarize tool

7 - Meteor

When choosing an action for Summarize tool on any string field - Mode appears twice after you select Mode from the String Processes.


Why show two Mode actions in the same drop down?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @anishgrandhi 


Can you provide a screen shot of what you are trying to do?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @anishgrandhi 


It looks like the list that is in the dropdown once you've add the field to summary actions is made up of all the available options when you initially click the add button.  Here's the list for a string value with the Mode appearing twice


final listfinal list


Here's the initial numeric options 




and here's the initial string options 


String optionsString options


The final list includes Mode from the Numeric menu(the only option available) and the second one from the String menu along wiht all the other string options.


Both Modes work the same way giving the same results



7 - Meteor

Yes. @danilang demonstrated it correctly.


But from a User Experience perspective, why show 2 Mode Actions if the user wants to go back and change? 


Although both Mode have same functionality, it's not intuitive immediately to a first time user. Showing the Mode only once would be better IMO.