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Missing LOG(x) function ?


I'm pretty sure I've missed something here, but I seem to have 'lost' the LOG(x) function from the formula tool (and all other tools too), see below:



and here is a shot of a colleagues function list,




We're both on 2019.3. Any ideas appreciated.

@alexjohnlittle I'm assuming you have @jdunkerley79 's formula add ins as he accidentally overwrote the log function. You'll want to change the miscutils.xml file found here for non-admin install:




or here for admin install:



You should have a function named log in that xml file. Change the name and insterttext lines to logtofile:


    <NumParams variable="false">3</NumParams>
    <InsertText>LOGTOFILE(ReturnValue, FileName, Message)</InsertText>
    <Description>Write a message to a log file</Description>



He also fixed it in this version on github if you want to reinstall/update from there.

Brilliant. Thank you Patrick.


Thought I'd eliminated jdunkerley's formula add ons since another colleague who also has the add ons had the LOG(x) function! I must have been using an older version.


Uninstall and re-install of the new pack worked.


Many thanks,