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Missing Connectors in Toolbar


I just updated to the newest version of Alteryx, and I'm noticing that a few of my connectors are missing namely the Marketo and Salesforce connectors. I can reveal the deprecated versions, but the newer versions are missing still. I'm not even seeing the tools in the tool palette configuration window. 


I have existing workflows that still use these tools and they seem to work fine. Says the macros are located in the supporting macros folder, but won't show up in the tool bar.


Anyone know how I can fix this?




Hey @jmann!


Occasionally we remove connectors from the base install of Designer. This is for a couple reasons, but primarily to make sure the installation doesn't get too big (we have tons of tools and including them all doesn't make tons of sense), the second is so that we can more easily release updates to these tools without requiring an upgrade/re-install of the whole product.


The Salesforce and Marketo connectors' current versions are available on the Alteryx Analytics Gallery and just need to be downloaded and 'installed' (it isn't a .exe, its just a macro file that places files in the right places). 


The old tools continue to work because as you noted, the deprecated versions remain in the product because our intention isn't to force anyone to upgrade or change.


Please let me know if this makes sense!






Hey Zak,


Thanks for this. I've gotten the Marketo Connectors, and Salesforce Input installed and they're showing up in my connectors section. I am running into an issue with the Salesforce Output however. It says that it's installing in the same way as the others, but after the toolbar refreshes it's not showing up.


Any insight on how I can troubleshoot this? Perhaps there is a certain path that I can place the macro so that it will show up correctly?






@jmann - 


Do you still have the installer? What is the name of the installer?


SalesforceOutput.xyi -OR- SalesforceOutput_v1.3.0?


It looks like we branched the Analytic App in an unintentional way - you DONT want to hit the RUN button to get the download, you want to hit this link from the top link;!app/Salesforce-Output-Tool/59248611f499c70ef0ea71f7









The installer I used was AlteryxInstallx64_2018.4.4.54346


Originally I did hit run to get the installer so I'm not sure what version that is. I tried your method also, and it said it was version 1.3, but still didn't add it to my toolbar.