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Microsoft R server

With Revolution Analytics being bought by Microsoft. Is there a change to the installer for Alteryx server.

We have a client that has the standard R install but is looking the switching to Microsoft R Server as it provides multithreading Capability. Eg- It runs faster.

However there is very little documentation as to what the best approach is.

We would like to "try before we buy" but the Alteryx installer is only for Revolution R it seems out of date


Can someone please advise


@scott_elliott, currently support Microsoft R Server / RRE 8.0. We will alo being using it going forward to implement In-DB predictive analytics in a number of data platforms that Microsoft R Server supports, or will support in the future. The current sticking point is licensing for Microsoft R Server on a Windows machine, which is something that Microsoft is working out at this point.




That's exciting news... the simplicity of the predictive macros combined with the power of in-database processing!  Looking forward to it!


Hi Dan,


can you elaborate on "currently support Micsrosft R Server/ RRE 8.0"

Excuse my ignorance R is not an area of Strength, however currently I have the R installed onto our server installation. I drag a R-Tool onto the the canvas insert my R code and we are good to go.

I'd like to switch to the Microsoft R installer but it is not available on the install. Only the revolution R which is a paid version and super expensive.

Now that Revolution has been bought I would have thought the installer would have changed to the Microsoft version and the revolution option superceded.


So when you say support that doesn't appear immediately obvious to me as I only use the R-tool.

Appreciate a little more detail 







@scott_elliott: Alteryx can make use of Microsoft R Services (MRS, formerly Revolution R Enterprise, or RRE) as the R engine that Alteryx uses if you have it installed on the machine running Alteryx. It isn't bundled with Alteryx, and requires that you obtain the product from Microsoft. How to make use of MRS/RRE's ScaleR technology for scaling predictive analytics in Alteryx is described in this document:




That document's full link is here:

Cailin Swingle
Sr. Manager, Customer Support

@DrDan @CailinS

Reading the document you have both shared the link to it doesn't discuss Microsoft R Open.

I think I'd like to test R Open before commiting the Enterprise version. (Especially as I am still waiting the Revolution to contact me to discuss enterprise version pricing)


So is the path to success as follows


Uninstall R predictives from Server install.

Install RRO 8.0.3 for RRE 7.4.1

Install R Open for R Server/RRE 2016

Install RRE predictive tools onto Alteryx server




After the Microsoft acquisition, the installation for RRE changed to require installing Reveloution R Open (now Microsoft R Open). Follow the instructions for RRE 7.4.1, and once installed, Alteryx will use RRE 7.4.1. Installing RRE 7.4.1 process actually requires three steps: (1) RRO installation, (2) Non-R open source component installation, and (3) installation of RRE.


It is currently not possible to use RRO (MRO) as the Alteryx Engine if it is not part of an RRE (MRS) installation. This may change in the future.




Hi Dan,


trying to follow as below. However when i try to install 7.4.1 it won't let me as I don't have 7.4.0 and 7.4.0 is no longer available


We will look into it. The next release of Alteryx will support MRS 8.0. At the moment versions of RRE/MRS change rapidly as a result of the integration of Revolution Analytics into Microsoft, so syncing with them is challenging.