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Microsoft Project File (MPP) as Input



This is a follow-up from a community post in 2016 about using Alteryx to extract data from Microsoft Project mpp files? Has this been researched further? I attempted to follow the OleDB connection string instructions in the previous post but was unable to connect to the file.


Couple of Notes:

- I'm running on 11.5

- The MPP file is in a network drive


Here's the previous post:

Previous MS-Project-mpp-Data-Source Post






Currently, we do not support Microsoft Project files as a data source.

Here is a list of all supported data sources:


I am not saying that you will not be able to connect to a mpp file. It looks like there may be an OLE DB way as per the other post you mentioned, but we can not support that.


You can submit an idea on our Alteryx Community page at and our product team will analyze and possibly consider this for future releases.