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Micro Strategy


Has anyone tried to run Micro Strategy software through Alteryx with a run command?  Did it work?  How was it set up/ commands passed to Micro Strategy?


Waiting to hear back!




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

What exactly are you trying to achieve @brad_j_crep?


What process are you trying to get microstrategy to do by triggering it with run command?




The person I'm asking for uses Mirco Strategy currently to bring in data from a database to which she doesn't have access.  Just trying to find a way to have her be able to use Alteryx to pull the data and then start really working with it.  Might just have her put a ticket in to get access to the database.  It's just hard to overcome IT's resistance to people having full access to database and I can kinda understand. 





I have the same question...  


As do I.

It's been a few years since I used MicroStrategy, but when I did there was a way to run a report and have it automatically write to an excel or csv file on your computer.  My IT department set limits on how much data you could pull out in a single report, something like 100,000 records.  So I built a really big report in MicroStrategy, broke it into like 24 reports based on time (like each report pulled a months' worth of data) and had each report dump into a local directory on my computer.  I'd kick off all 24 reports, then get up for a cup of coffee and come back to it later.  When it was finally done, I'd use Atleryx's directory and input tools to suck it all into one .yxdb file that had all 2,000,000 records, then I could work off of that.


It's not a sexy process, and I'm not encouraging you to work around your IT department necessarily, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.