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Messy Altreyx Scripts


Hey guys,


I've finally tackled a behemoth of a project I put on hold for a while and automated a work report that took in several different Excel and CSV inputs. One issue I'm having now though is that the number of tools used in the file are getting too hard to maintain. Things are all over the place on my screen and maintaining it is starting to amount to a considerable level of effort.


What are some of your favorite tips and tricks when it comes to better organizing a 200+ tool file?



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus
  • Tool Containers, Tool Containers, and more Tool Containers!!

Found in the "Documentation" tool palette, Tool Containers allow you to organize your workflows.


I like to have a container to hold all of my main inputs, a container for output(s), and then usually containers for each logical step in a process.


The nice thing about containers is that you can collapse them so you don't have to see the details.


  • Comments

I usually include Comment tools (also in Documentation) in each container to explain what is happening in it. Typically I'll also put a comment at the beginning of the workflow to give an overview of the purpose.


  • Colour is good!

Use colour to group your containers/comments by function or something else that makes sense to you. I like to use a red comment behind any tool that might require reconfiguration on the next run.


  • Make connections wireless

Are all those connections making it hard to see your tools? Set them to wireless and your workflow becomes more readable.


  • Align your tools

Select tools and use Ctrl/Shift/+ to vertically align and Ctrl/Shift/- to horizontally align the selected tools.



Already seeing improvements. Thank you so much!