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Message Tool: Send message Before First Record Where Expression is True?




I'm building a message log system for my macro.


I have five message tools sequentially chained together. Each message detects a specific error. I have one that detects null entries for fields, length violations, and so forth.

The detection criteria works great.


However, I cannot get the display mechanics to work as I desire. For example: If I have 100 records that have null entries, It will output this 100 times in the message logs.

I can account for this by checking Transient, however this will overwrite the other Message Tools. In other words, if I have 100 null entries and 50 length violations, length violation message will overwrite the null entry message.


I would like to make it such that if I had 100 null entries and 50 length violations, only 2 messages are output to the message log: One for each Message Tool. How may I achieve this?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Could you use some additional tools to compile the message results you'd like to display before sending all the records to the Message tool? I've attached an example to this post.


Thanks, I haven't thought of that!


I'll edit my macro to display it in this fashion.