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Merging rows with data in different fields

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I have 30K of rows similar to this:


hostname 1blah1x  
hostname 1blah1 x 
hostname 1blah1  x
hostname 2blah2 x 
hostname 2blah2x  
hostname 2blah2   
hostname 3blah3  x
hostname 3blah3 x 
hostname 3blah3x  


What I need to do is have the data end up like this:


hostname 1blah1xxx
hostname 2blah2xxo
hostname 3blah3xxx


I don't seem to be getting anywhere, either with Summary, or Multi-Row Formula, etc. I KNOW this should be easy, but the solution just isn't coming to me.


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I have attached couple ways. See if that works

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Nice. Unfortunately, my boxes don't show that x can exist for the same field in more than one row, so the concat results in x,x,x, etc.


I'm thinking perhaps Max instead of Concat?

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Got it! 

Formula to turn any "N/A" entry in the 3 Fields to blank, then a Summarize, grouping on all columns except those 3 . . . those 3 I use "Max" in the Summarize tool. (My Field values are 3 letter acronyms, hence the need to remove any "N/A" values, as those are 3 characters - so blank those to make Max work).

Thanks for the ideas in your Merge file!

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Awesome, Glad you found the solution. Cheers!