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Merging Rows where value is the same

Alteryx Partner


I have a joined data set which has rows with the same string value (Comments column). I have tried various ways of merging but cannot get to a result. Can anyone help please? Basically for the first three rows below, I would like the 3 rows in Comments column to be merged before I send a report out.



ClientProject NameProject IDInvoice #AmountComments 
xABC12345-6711030/12 no issues on collection 
xABC12345-6722030/12 no issues on collection 
xABC12345-6733030/12 no issues on collection 



i think you are probably best off using a summarize tool.

Group by all fields except for invoice # (leave that out completely) and Amount (sum that field).


If that's not what you are looking for, can you provide an example of how you want the output to look?


Hi @mamzel_juju ,

This works if  we have  one comment  for  a key ( client,project name and id ).

Tile identifies key and unique picks first comment.



Alteryx Partner

Right now it looks like that so you see the project ID merged on top left so it's not looking nice and somehow my comments column is not merging. I use several basic table to nest it but the header row is not right. I want it to be a merged head row


Client Name
Project Name
Invoice Date
Invoice Number
Invoice Currency
Sum_Invoice Amount
 xABC 1 10 30/12 no issues on collection
 xABC 2 20 30/12 no issues on collection
 xABC 3 30 30/12 no issues on collection


Alteryx Partner

thank you for your reply. but that zeros out the comments in the next two rows and shows null. should I then summarize?


do you want the invoices to be rolled up by the project or do you need the invoice detail? If you don't need the invoice detail, then just group by that notes field and ignore the invoice field.

Alteryx Partner

I do need all these details - just the comments that I want to merge (like I showed in the table)


Can you put together a quick table of how you want it to look? it seems the two statements are conflicting - you want to roll-up the data, but you want the detail. To me, that looks like you want the original table.

Alteryx Partner

simply put like this, I just want the comments column to be merged like in excel, where the comments are the same for several an invoice



what do you mean by merged comments? if you roll up the table by invoice, then you lose detail, but then the comments would be "merged" but that doesn't seem to be what you are looking for. can you please paste a table for the desired output?