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Merging Adjacent Trade Areas



I am trying to figure out a way to merge trade areas that are adjacent to each other. Below shows the result of a trade area analysis, with non-overlapping trade areas, and it would list 23 potential areas to look at, but I would like it to reduce down to 7 areas (the blue outlines). 


Does anyone know how to combine trade areas that are adjacent (borders touch)? I was thinking of removing the non-overlap feature, and then combine trade areas based on IF they have any overlap...


Any help would be appreciated.


Trade Area Combine.JPG



Alteryx Certified Partner

I think the easiest way to do this would be to combine all the objects (which will merge them to one object), and then use the Poly-Split to break out the different "regions". I've attached an example how to do this. 

OK...that was so much simpler than the overlap % calc I was trying to build. The only downside is all the attributes are dropped, but I can spatial match them back in.




Alteryx Partner

Charlie's method is the easiest, but this is a perfect use case for the Make Group tool (if you've never used it) clipboard_image_0.png