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Merge 2 columns with date data

Alteryx Partner



I'm trying to merge 2 columns (Offer Accepted Date and Offer Declined Date) included dates into only one as below (Offer Decided Date)


Person IDOffer Accepted DateOffer Declined DateOffer decided date
120-Feb-17 20-Feb-17
2 30-Mar-1730-Mar-17
3 30-Mar-1730-Mar-17
4 27-Feb-1727-Feb-17
503-Apr-17 03-Apr-17
723-Mar-17 23-Mar-17

I tried to use formula if or transpose with no success. Any idea what can be the right process?


thanks a lot


@Laure Does this formula work for Offer Decided Date:

Max([Offer Accepted Date],[Offer Declined Date])

Let me know if something about your data doesn't work with that formula. You can also use If statements trying to find null/empty values, but the Max formula is a nice shortcut sometimes.

Alteryx Partner

Hi Patrick,

Thanks a lot, it works perfectly well!