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Memory Limitation When Using Liner Regression


Dear All ,


This Post related to the following Kaggle competition:


I have prepared the data Until I reach it for prediction phase (check the data-set on this link):


When I try to use the Liner regression (item_cnt_month is the target variable) I got the following error message : 
 Error: cannot allocate vector of size 285.1 GbAlteryx


Of course, I know it is related to the memory limitation as a result of the high number of Values of the dummy variables,

My Question is what is your suggestions to overcome this memory limitation?


Hi @MAAbdullahAlMubarah


You might want to check out this thread, especially the posts on clustering.  You may find some ideas that you can apply



Thank you for your replay @danilang , but this related to clustering and my case is related to linear regression,Is it with the same concept?