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Market Basket Rules


Good morning dear Alteryx community.

I've been busy doing a market basket analysis within a retail company. Instead of doing the usual association analysis between products however, I would like to do an analysis between product groups. An Apple Iphone and Samsung Note 4 would both be in the same product group called cellphones for example.

However the MB Rules macro seems to remove duplicate products when doing the analysis. I would like to keep the duplicates, so I can see the association within product groups.

See the picture below, made by fellow colleagues in a different program. I'm trying to recreate this in Alteryx. However duplicates shouldn't be removed. If someone bought a playstation game, likelihood of buying another playstation game is high. But it seems that the MB Rules macro does not look 



Hello @Kandemiro,


Can you attach a copy of the workflow/data you are using? (Options => Export Workflow)



Hoss Carroll
Customer Support Engineer