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Mapping Question: Excluding a location when creating a yxdb file

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I've been unable to find the answer to this question in the community boards so I'll need to post it:


I am trying to create a yxdb file for El Paso County, Colorado, but exclude the town of Security- Widefield (SW). I created a yxdb file for SW which I've attached below, but cannot figure out how to create the gis file in Designer that excludes that location. 


Any guidance would be much appreciated.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello @dziembiec.


It looks like you're in need of the Spatial Process tool. I used your provided polygon and removed it from a polygon of El Paso county Colorado in the attached example. Does this work for you?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @dziembiec 


First of all, do you have the spatial coordinates for El Paso County, Colorado?


From the top of my head what I can think of is combining the polygons with Spatial Process tool, using the option Cut 1st from 2nd (or vice-versa).

If you do have the full polygon of the Spatial Object of El Paso County, that would be something easy to do.

After this processing, you'd have the full area with the exception of Security- Widefield (SW).



Alteryx Partner

Thank you Charlie and Thableaus! The Spatial Process tool did the trick, cutting the second from the first and giving me the KML file I needed. Much appreciated.