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MapServerError: Corrupt, empty or missing file - Cannot render map for output


I've created a simple app that allows users to upload a shape file, and it returns a list of all shop fronts that intersect (are within) the uploaded polygon shapefile.


The app works perfectly in designer but when uploaded to the Alteryx Server (2018.2), the workflow fails on the 'generate map' tool and displays the following error:



I've discovered that this issue is caused by the inclusion of a 'Reference Base Map' within the 'Report Map' tool in the workflow:




If I select any of the Base Maps (other than [None]), the workflow does not work.  If I select [None], then I don’t get any base layer, and the map that is generated is literally just a bunch of points / polygons.


Why is this happening?  How do I fix this?




Hi @dandev91  There are two things I would check to start:

1. Are all of the maps installed up to the same version on the server as they are the desktop?

2. Do you have any problems with other apps that use these maps or is it just this one?