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Managing Saved Data Connection


They recently migrated our SQL Server. This ended up breaking my saved connection to that SQL Server. The one I was using was a System connection. It won't let me edit the System Connection. I created a User Connection to try and fix the issue. It did not work. Does anyone know how I can edit the system connection?




Hi @mreinsch 


You should be able to edit your system data source by going into Control Panel/Data Sources (ODBC) and checking the System DSN Tab.  At least that's how it works on my Window 7 machine at work.  I think that it's still the same in Windows 10. 




@mreinsch, when you hover your mouse to the right of that entry, pretty much where that line you added to the picture is, do you see the pencil icon? That would allow you to edit it...if not, try running Alteryx Designer as Administrator (right-click on Designer, choose Run As Administrator) and see if that helps...this may require additional rights on your machine, but worth a try to see if that will allow you to edit it.