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Managing Image File Size

7 - Meteor

Hi all,


I work in retail, and I need to create a report which is just lots of images - a range of products, so the team can see what the "offer" is to the customer. I've built a report which (mostly) works really well: using the Image tool and the Tile tool, I can get a nice matrix of images for them to review. The images need to be dynamic - each report they run will pick up different images from different product offers. 


The problem is that some of the images I'm picking up are really big files. I have told the image tool to set the image width to 200 pixels (see image), but that doesn't seem to reduce the file size I'm outputting. As a result it takes a long time for the workflow to run (just saving the files down), and I'm not going to be popular with our infrastructure manager as I fill up his fileserver.


A single pdf output is 10 A4 pages long, and there are 35 images per page. The file size is generally around 160mb.

If I replace the product images with a low res image of our company logo the same report changes to be only 165kb.


Is there a way to reduce the quality/resolution of each individual image in the workflow so that the final output file is smaller?


Thank you in advance for your help.





17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @Sue 


Check out this post  It recommends a couple of techniques from ACE superstars, @NicoleJohnson and @MarqueeCrew 


Edit:  Fixed link