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Make node selectable in custom XML inside Tree Tool

Is it possible to have certain nodes selected when reading a custom xml file in the tree tool? So I would like to see certain nodes with checkbox turned on in the Tree tool. I see X (not selectable) and I="F" (no license available) but that's it, no other options. How can I pull user selections back in so they can modify them and resave the output.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Currently we don't support having defaults checked in the Custom XML option for the Tree Tool, but this could be a great addition to our Idea Center!  

Regarding pulling user selections back, could you please be more specific? Are you referring to making additional tree options, or modifying your Alteryx workflow directly based on a user's selections? 
hi Chad,

So in one of our apps, the user picks CAPE variables from the tree view and the unique variable name and description are saved in SQL server as part of a projectID. Then the user may want to change the variables they picked. So my thought was to pull these variables back in once the user picks their project. Then the project variables will already be turned on in the CAPE tree view in the App. Then it will be easy for the user to see previously picked variables, uncheck them if necessary and add new variables before these variables Names and Values are resaved to SQL server. Does that make sense?
Secondly, I added this to a previous post - I would like to request a label counter in the app form so user can see how many variables they picked. the continue/next button would only be enabled once a threshold is reached by the counter. So I would like the forms to be more dynamic. 
Lastly, I would like to put an action on which chained app would run based on selections made by the user in an App (e.g. radio button A or B). Right now there's only one app that can be run in "On Success - Run Another Analytic App". 
Let me know what you all think?
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Ok, a chained app is definitely the way to go for your selections.  There are a few ways about doing this, but ultimately you could have two list boxes in the second app, one with current selections and one with selections not chosen in the previous app.

Regarding the radio buttons, this describes a good use for the Detour Tool and Tool Containers, having two apps may not be necessary.

Finally, could you post your feature requests to the Idea Center?  This would ensure Product Management sees them.