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Make Column Header The Same As Value


Is there a way to make the column header the same as the column value. The reason I need to do that is for dynamical updating an app parameter via an import and it want to be able to see the zip code. Example below. 






Might not be possible but any help is appreciated. Thanks

You can use a dynamic rename tool to do this.


The only slight complication is that you need to duplicate the first row to keep it as well as renaming.



My approach for this it to sample and then union back to the original data.


Sample attached


Ahh beautiful. Thanks for that. I didn't think about the Sample tool. One more question. I want to use that output to run a connected app. Issue that I see is Alteryx isn't reading it as a header. I am getting the your input needs to have a name and value. Is this something you have come across before?

Do you mean you want it to fill a dropdown list in a connected app?


If so then the best way is to write a specific file of NAME VALUE that the next stage uses as an external source to populate the drop down list.


It doesnt re-read the metadata on start up so this is the only way to do this.


Yes that is exactly what I am trying to do. I  am still running into errors. Could you explain the NAME VALUE aspect. I am outputting the file as a numeric value and it is still not reading as an external source correctly. 


Thanks again..


When building an app or macro and using the Drop Down box you have the option to populate that box with values based on the List Values drop down. If you're going to choose Manual, you can type in your values with the name you want exposed to the end user separated with a : from the value that will be inserted in to the workflow. You can use a static file that has 2 columns in it one named Name, and another named value. Each record will represent a data pair, the Name column representing the value showing to the end user in the drop down/listbox, and the value is the value being passed to the connected tool in the workflow. For more check out here.

Will throw a quick sample together.

Basically run first step as an analytic app creating the temp file. Tell this to run the second step on success. The drop down can then read the temp file.

Search for a connected app (think there is a video on them)

I gotcha. I understand now. I was reading another post that alluded to having the data represented different. Once I transposed the data into 2 columns it works perfectly. Thank you guys for your help! 


I apologize for continuing to compound on this post, however, right when I make a break I run into another snag. To backtrack I have set up 2 apps. One app is feeding the other with files that are attached as a main input and the other is a temp file for an external source used on a List Box (this works better than the Drop Down for my need). 


I have them all attached and it is working when I try and run the chained apps, but now the output is not working. It must not be reading the zips correctly.


My temp file looks like 




My first app picks a state then outputs those states zips that I then want to pick and choose in the list box. That is all working now thanks to your help.


I feel my issue is now on the 2nd apps list box config. In a perfect world I would love to be able to choose 15 or 20 zips from the list box.


Below is how that is set up.


I suggest targeting to replace a specific string:



The list will then be put inside the IN brackets.


As I had basically built it have attached an end to end sample