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Maintaing sort order after join tool


HI All,


I want to maintain my original sort order one the column i am using to join with another input. the 2nd input column is not order the way i need and its causing the original column to lose its sorting after the join. Any way i can avoid this.




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @sr49ers


You could add a recordID before the join and the re-sort based on that recordID after the join.



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Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Sam.


Any fields that are involved in the Join process will be sorted by the joining tool. What I recommend is to use a Record ID tool before the join tool, and then sort by the assigned Record ID field after the join is complete. 


Let me know if you have any questions.



Edit: @LordNeilLord beat me to the answer again. I need to stop leaving these windows open so long.

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Sorry @CharlieS


I'm leaving work now, so the questions are all yours :)

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The important thing is that users get the solutions they need. I'll be around for the American workday. Have a good evening, @LordNeilLord.


Thank you both! the record ID worked. such a simple solution!! appreciate your help.