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Macros Disappear

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I imported a set of macros some of our consultants put together to run their workflows, however when I fire up Alteryx each morning they seem to have disappeared overnight and I need to reimport.  The location of the macros is on a shared drive and it does not change. 


If I close and reopen Alteryx on the same day they are still there, as you would expect.      



Any idea what the problem is?

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How are you importing the macros? I assume you are importing from a .yxzp file, which actually creates a new folder when you import/unzip the file. The macros would remain inside of that folder. 


Are the macros pointing to the shared drive in the workflow? If not, that could be the issue. I suggest the developer make the macros into tools by creating a .yxi file. Essentially, the macro will be installed to your tool pallet. See below for instructions: 

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They are still pointing to the shared drive but are saved as .yxmc files.  Is that a problem?

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Hi @Bonediggler ,


Of course it is a long shot, but couldn't it be an IT process cleaning this specific folder. I once experienced something like that in a customer of ours and it is a thing to consider.


There isn't a native option in Alteryx that automatically erases workflows or macros from a folder.



Fernando Vizcaino

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Hi - it was actually due to the fact I had copied some workflows that were using relative dependencies.  Because I saved them in a different location, the path to the macro folder was broken.


Thanks for helping out!