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Macro with Summarize

Hello, here's another request for help:
I am creating a Macro where Input is not standard, but must have at least two columns, a string and a numeric. At some point I need to calculate the percentile of 25% and 75% (first and third quartile) of the numeric fields, grouping it by the string field (I used Summarize).




Because I do not have a default input, I do not know how to use Summarize.

Can someone help me?



The workflow you sent has a filter on Venda QTD > 0, but when i look at your test data, I only see 0 values in this field.

I'll try and come up with some Summarize suggestions, but it will be a little tricky to look at your workflow exactly as is.


I generated an example database, but I ended up getting bad values.