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Macro unable to translate alias

7 - Meteor



I have a workflow that contains a macro and this macro uses alias to connect to db (SQL Server). Works fine on desktop and when I try publishing it to gallery, it gives an error saying "Unable to translate alias". The alias are set up correctly in gallery and shared as well, there are no issue in publishing a regular workflow that use alias. 


Are there any additional steps to be taken to make a Macro work with alias?

Can a macro recognize alias at all?  


Thank you,


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Ok, so we opened a support ticket with Alteryx and they were very prompt in admitting that this is a known issue and also provided an elegant solution to work around the issue. Hope this is going to help everyone that gets the "Unable to translate alias" error while connecting to Gallery Data Connections from Macros.


Workaround solution:

Within the main workflow, add Input Data tools for all Gallery Data Connections referenced within the Macros. You can group all those extra Input Data tools into a container and disable the container so it won't affect your workflow. Then save the workflow back to the Gallery and run it. 

Doing this will force the Gallery Data Connections used within Macros to be packed along with the workflow when saving the workflow to the Gallery allowing the Gallery to know which Data Connections you need to use.


Give it a try. It worked for us. 

Kudos to Alteryx Support for providing the solution in such short time! This needs to be fixed though 🙂 

7 - Meteor

It seems the issue still exist in 2019.3 version.


I was annoyed by this issue in the last couple of days. I build a solution which will dynamically switch connections based on different scenario. I originally use a config table to dynamically change the alias and It worked perfectly from my computer but has the alias translation issue in Gallery. 


Now I got an 'ugly' solution but this will keep my macro structure unchanged.


The core concept is given that gallery is not able to recognize connection alias in macro or nested macros. We could just use the native connection string. Below are my steps:


1. A config table which maintains all the connection strings, password (encrypted), and file format.

2. Use a macro to update the input/output connection detail.


See attached pics.


Really hope there is a bug-fix release for this one.




7 - Meteor

26/03/2021 and I'm still facing the same issues ... 3-4 years to solve a bug seems way to much!


So, If we have 100 macros we have to try that workaround for all fop them and it's not guaranteed? Great ...🙄


Alteryx should post this as a fix somewhere more visible, so we don't waste hours searching on foruns and threads that always link to the same thread 🤔

7 - Meteor

Did you had to add just empty Input tools to your workflow? I have one that uses ODBC and another, bulkload, that also uses ODBC. Does this mean that I have to add both tolls, empty, on the workflow or do I have to enter some information there as well?

8 - Asteroid

This still seems to be an issue in 2020.4


Are there any plans to work on this but? We tried the workaround and have had no success. So we appear to be left with configuring System DSNs, something I've just spent a couple of months work to ensure we don't use any more.