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Macro unable to translate alias


Hi, chiming in because I've tried to do something like what you've mentioned here (UNC paths for macro references) to limited success.

Is there a way to enforce a UNC path when adding a macro to a workflow?


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@Claje I'm not aware of a way to force the UNC path when you insert the macro.  I imagine if you browsed to the macro using a UNC path in the first place that's how it would reference it.  The best method is to use the workflow dependencies view from the options window to convert the references to UNC paths just before packaging the workflow. 

Alteryx Partner

this is actually still a bug- and saving both the macro and the workflow locally in the same folder on the VM first actually worked! thank you!


Has this been fixed ? I have the same issue for version 2018.3!


We are still running into this issue. Has a bug fix been released?





I just wasted a couple of hours on this (and should have searched the community sooner).  It's very annoying and it should be fixed even if it doesn't impact many users.  What's the point in having gallery managed data connections if they don't work for macros, don't work for in-db connections, etc.