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Macro to Read Qlik's QVDs

Alteryx Partner

Hi all,


First post in community. I made a macro that allows Alteryx users to read any Qlik QVD files.


What it does is builds a Qlik Sense app on the fly using C# that reads the QVD and writes a QVX that is later read by the Alteryx macro.


I'm looking for ways to improve this macro, is it possible to display a preview of the data? Can the user select what fields to read? I'd like to see if there is any interest out there for something like this.


Please find attached

- QVD2QVX Binary files and dependencies (Qlik Net SDK)

- QVD2QVX VS C# Project source code

- Alteryx QVDRead Macro

- Alteryx Test QVDRead Workflow

- Sample QVDs



- .Net Framework 4.5

- Qlik Sense Desktop 2.2.4 (Free, no license required)


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@daniel_rozental - nice going!  I will download this and have a look - we do get asked about this quite a lot by customers.



Andy Cooper
Senior Solutions Engineer - EMEA
6 - Meteoroid


This is outstanding!  I've been looking for something like this for quite some time.


Consider me interested!



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It would be nice that we had a macro which does the same thing the other way around.

So read data and use the QlikSense API to create a QVD :)


BR Jochem

Alteryx Certified Partner



Have tried running the attached Macro for reading QVD files however its showing error message.


Attached for reference.

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Hi, are you using QlikView or Qlik Sense?


If it's Qlik Sense it needs to be compiled to the same Qlik Sense release for it to work, it's simpler with QlikView.


Please find Macro for QlikView in the link, you'll need a licensed desktop.


Alteryx Read / Write Macro for QVDs using QlikView

Alteryx Certified Partner


I am using Qlik Sense & have QVD file. The two macro's - QVD Reader & QVD writer are not working in reading QVD file.


Using Qlik Sense desktop version - 11.24.1 (Trial).


Kindly help & share the sample workflow with attached data set. Thanks



Alteryx Partner

The macro is working for me with that Qlik Sense version.


What framework version do you have installed? Please check if you have version 4.5.2

Alteryx Partner

I've updated everything to the latest available version, please download the files again.


QVD2QVX.exe files