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Macro not working within an Alteryx workflow

Alteryx Partner

Hi All.

Would really appreciate if someone can help me out here.


We are executing an Alteryx workflow which connects to a macro. Macro has a Splint Tool (regression analysis) and a score tool. The issue is that the macro output in the workflow is empty and we see below error in logs.

Error: ModelMacro: The output connection "Output" was not valid


However, macro output is valid when I execute it standalone using the same data sample.


Any help or directions will be highly appreciated!




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @VP_,


Being that this is from a custom macro you created, I don't believe there's much troubleshooting that can be done with the information you provided. As you mentioned, the Spline tool is working when you run it standalone so it's something in your macro you have this tool nested in that's either doing something to the data before it hits the Spline tool or the interface/actions are not configuring something correctly.


If you're able to share the macro you created and some sample data that will reproduce the error, this will allow us to troubleshoot the issue more thoroughly.


Hope this helps!

Teknion Data Solutions

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I've had this issue several times, it usually stems from the fact that I have copy and pasted a macro output rather than bought it in from the toolbar.


Could you try replacing the existing one and be sure to take it from the toolbar, then rerun.



Alteryx Partner

Thank you!