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Macro - multiple date selection filter


Hi Alteryx community,

I'm creating a macro that uses a directory of files as the input.

All of the files in the directory are dated and I have made a column from this information to create a date column. 

By using the list box tool, I want to be able to pick the dates that show up in the output. I was able to make a list box that shows all the dates but cannot figure out usable way to use this in the listbox/action/filter tool combination. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)



Here is the output of the formula tool where I have a date column and the fullpath column (which I will use later on).





Here is how I created the fields for the list box where it would allow you to select dates. I'm just unsure how to proceed after this point.






Here is the list box properties. I'm using a start text of Contains([Filed],"    Separator of   ") OR Contains([Field],"   and end text of   ")

I understand why this isn't working. If the output of the crosstab had a usable variable, I could replace Field with that variable. 


Hi @rtlane,


You won't be able to populate the listbox like that. When Alteryx configures the Interface tools, none of the non-interface tools are run and so the list box options will not be dynamic. It may seem like it has configured at first, as the metadata coming out of the Cross-tab tool is saved in the XML of the Macro when you save it after running (while building the macro). 


The best way is to have an option on the macro for 'Configuration Mode', and that outputs the list to a temp file. That temp file is then used to configure the tool while the Macro is in 'Production Mode'. (You could also have 2 macros here with a 'Block Until Done' in between them.