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Macro for inmporting multiple excel files


Hi team,


As part of my work I often need to pull in either multiple tabs from the same excel file or multiple excel files from the same folder. The latter case is the one giving me a little trouble from an Alteryx point. I understand this would likely be achieved with a batch macro, but I don't think this is something I could build on my own yet. The data is basically the same layout and similar tab name for all use cases that I will come across


Does any one have a macro that could achieve this task and could walk me through the key steps, input paths arguments, etc. so I could reverse engineer it for my own work? I tend to find this work best for learning new features for me personally, and I would love to have a macro like this on file.




Here's a link to a Knowledge Base article:


CS Macro Dev: Reading in multiple files with different Field Schema - Batch Macro