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Macro: Update Filter Using a List of Input




I have a workflow that I have to run for every organization code listed on an Excel file (will be my input for the macro). 


I've completed the workflow for one specific org, so I'm trying to use Macro to update the filter in the beginning of the workflow. It looks like this right now: 



My questions is, how do I configure the Macro input properly, so I can use a Excel file as input and run the entire workflow for each of the codes listed (I'm using 3 as a test at the moment).

Perhaps there's better way to set up the beginning of the workflow... Any directions would be greatly appreciated! 


Thank you. 


Hi @Yijen ,


If you create a batch macro, then you don't need the filter tool as the batching process will essentially be the filter for you. Attached is an example of a batch macro without the Control Parameter - 


withoutbatchandbatchmacro.JPGWithout Batch Macro vs Batch Macro


Insider the blue Batch Macro (no filter needed) - 

insidemovingsummarize batch macro.JPG

Your Group By column = INPUT_ORG_CODE

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Yijen !


Please check this post:


We recently walked through this exact question.
If you need anything else, please feel free to reach out!

You're very close!


Hi @JordyMicheal 


I modified my workflow based on the post you just shared, but the OrgCode on the filter dint seem to be replaced by the Action Tool. 

Here's how I config my Action Tool:


I also tried to put only OrgCode in the box of Replace a specific string, but still, the OrgCode didn't get picked up by the filter. 

Any idea...?


Thank you! 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Yijen 


You'd what to leave the box checked and replace "OrgCode" with the quotes.


But reading what you are doing, it looks like you're trying to get a question as an input?

Is that correct?