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Macro Error "Missing field map for Input1"




I have added the EnsureFieldsonDataStream macro from to my workflow. It works fine on my desktop but when I try to run it from my company Gallery, I am getting the following message:


 "Internal error processing macro: missing field map for "Input1"


I have included the macro with the workflow (File > Save As > My Company's Gallery > Manage workflow assets  - it is listed as .\EnsureFieldsonDataStream.yxmc).  Is there something else I would need to configure to get it to run on the Gallery?




One alternative would be to use the Field Info tool and join those field names against a text input of Field names that you would expect. Any names that fall out of the left or right side depending on how you set it up could be connected to a message tool that throws an error if there are fields that don't exist. This might be a better alternative than using a macro.