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Macro/Analytic App Outputs

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I'm not sure exactly how many steps I'm missing since I'm new to macros/analytic apps. I'm hoping to run the analytic app, pick a country, and just have that country's relevant information come out as an output. Right now, when I run the app, regardless of which country I pick, the data includes all of the information for all countries- I've reduced the data set to just two countries in this example.

Thanks in advance!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @tsonam; there's quite a few things here that I would say 'aren't quite right' in terms of how you have set this up, I will try walk you through these as best I can.


Firstly, this kind of set-up, isn't possible; if you want your list of countries to be dynamic based on an ever changing input file, then you need to look at 'chained applications'.


If you think about it; if you want this kind of behaviour you need the input to run, and then present you with a list of values based on transformation that has occured within the workflow, logically this doesn't work.




Secondly, your action is simply not in the right place at all, if you look at the action configuration, you are overwriting the justification of the text with the country chosen, this doesn't make sense, what you need to do, is create a filter step prior to the table being generated, to which you then overwrite the placeholder value...




You will see I am overwriting the placeholder value in the filter 'US' to whatever is selected by the user.


In the example I have attached you will need to create 'step 1' of the chained app, which generates the list of countries. I suggest you give this subject area a google and try and build out the solution yourself rather than us simply building it for you.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @tsonam 


You're updating your Basic Table Tool.

If you change your action value to update a Filter Tool, then only records with your selected Country would pass through the Basic Table.



See attached.


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



I do recommend more macro training.  Here's a macro that I wrote that might help you.  See how I've used a listbox to update a filter.  Now if you want to read your data to see what countries exist first, you'll need to do that outside of the macro.  You can create a list in the form of NAME and VALUE and save that as a YXDB file.  All of your GUI actions must be ready for use before pressing play.







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